Way To Write Engineering Intern Resume

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The content included in the resume should market all your skills and achievements. It should include skills, abilities and qualifications. The engineering resume should be well drafted in order to impress the employers.

You can refer to the different sample engineering resumes available on various websites to draft your own. These sample resumes are very beneficial as they give you a brief idea of the layout and sections to be used while drafting it. This will help your resume to stand out from all the other competiting resumes and get the internship.

The job description of an engineer intern is basically to work in a company to gain practical experience. It will help in gaining experience that is required for entering into the engineering profession.

Here we provide some instructions which are to be followed while drafting an engineering resume:

The resume should start with your relevant contact information. It should include the details such as your permanent address, full name, e-mail address and phone number.

The next section should be your job objective. This section should be short and should not include more than three sentences. It should be simple and focused to the purpose of drafting this resume which is to get an internship and also include the name of the company; you are willing to apply.

The education section should include information about the degrees and other academic details. It should be written in reverse chronological order and begin with the highest one. In this section, you should also include additional details such as type of degree being obtained, the date when you would receive the degree. Besides these, you can also include details about any additional courses completed by you and is relevant to the engineering field.

Include information about the awards and honors received by you in a separate section and highlight them.

The experience section should include information about all your relevant experiences such as any volunteer work taken up or any special projects successfully completed. The details should be carefully organized and included in the resume.

You should also include information about any affiliations or any membership that you possess related to the engineering field in separate section below the professional membership. Make sure to include information about the status of the membership in it.

The skills section should include all your strengths and skills related to the field of engineering. You can have a separate section for technical skills and include all your technical skills in it.

Some other sections which also can be included in the resume are hobbies and personal details. However, while including the information about the hobbies in the resume, you should include only those hobbies related to the engineering field.

The references section should include minimum two to three professional references in it. You should also include details about the persons included in this section such as their names, tittles, current address, and phone number.

It is extremely necessary to proof read the resume and check for all the mistakes.

The instructions mentioned here should be followed while writing an engineering intern resume to get the desired results.
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Engineering Intern Resume

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Way To Write Engineering Intern Resume

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This article was published on 2011/02/22